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Is Texas going to Repeal the Franchise Tax?

So what does the 2013 Legislative session (beginning tomorrow) have in store for the Texas franchise tax? Laylan Copelin of the Austin American-Statesman wrote a great in-depth article about this topic over the weekend. See “Eliminating business tax on the agenda?” published January 5. At this time, it’s way too early to predict the tax’s […]

House Ways & Means Appears Willing to Make the Texas Franchise Tax “More Fair” by Making it Even More Complicated

On June 5, the Texas House Ways & Means Committee held a hearing on potential Texas franchise tax changes. The Austin American Statesman has published an article about the hearing, and the TSCPA has also covered it in its blog. A four and a half hour long recording of the hearing is available here. After watching the hearing, it appears that […]

Texas Franchise Tax Hearing on June 5

The Texas House Ways & Means Committee recently announced a hearing on changes to the Texas franchise tax, also known as the margin tax. The hearing is scheduled for June 5. The notice for the meeting is posted here. The Committee wishes to discuss “equity and administrative issues” about the margin tax, including but not limited […]

Scrapping the Texas Property Tax?

This morning, three public policy experts asked the Ways & Means Committee of the Texas House of Representatives to consider a full repeal of the Texas property tax. The speakers included Peggy Venable from the Texas Chapter of American for Prosperity, Talmadge Heflin from the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and Debra Medina, former GOP Texas gubernatorial candidate […]


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