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Supreme Court rules in state tax case

The United States Supreme Court recently decided Direct Marketing Association v. Brohl, a state tax case. In it, the Supreme Court ruled that a challenge in federal court to Colorado’s so-called “Amazon law” could go forward, contrary to Colorado’s argument that the Tax Injunction Act barred the suit. In perhaps a more interesting development for […]

Major Texas Franchise Tax Policy Change: Comptroller Gives Up on the “Physical Change” Rule for Subcontractor Exclusion and COGS Deduction

The Texas Comptroller recently published a very significant policy letter to the Comptroller’s online database. The letter announces a significant change in Texas franchise tax policy that could affect entities even only somewhat involved with the design, construction, remodeling, repair, or industrial maintenance of real property. The Comptroller’s previous policy was that only entities that […]

House Ways & Means Appears Willing to Make the Texas Franchise Tax “More Fair” by Making it Even More Complicated

On June 5, the Texas House Ways & Means Committee held a hearing on potential Texas franchise tax changes. The Austin American Statesman has published an article about the hearing, and the TSCPA has also covered it in its blog. A four and a half hour long recording of the hearing is available here. After watching the hearing, it appears that […]

Texas Franchise Tax Filing Deadline Quickly Approaches

We’re only a little over a week away from the May 15 filing deadline for the 2012 Texas franchise tax reports. With that in mind, I wanted to discuss a few areas you may wish to consider while you prepare those Texas franchise tax reports and extensions.

Scrapping the Texas Property Tax?

This morning, three public policy experts asked the Ways & Means Committee of the Texas House of Representatives to consider a full repeal of the Texas property tax. The speakers included Peggy Venable from the Texas Chapter of American for Prosperity, Talmadge Heflin from the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and Debra Medina, former GOP Texas gubernatorial candidate […]


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