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The 2013 Changes to the Texas Franchise Tax

The 83rd Regular Legislative session is at an end, and the Legislature passed many changes to the Texas franchise tax in the session’s final hours. The bill that included most of these changes was HB 500. I previously covered the House version of this bill, as well as the very different Senate version. The Legislature worked out […]

Band-Aids on a Critical Patient: Changes to the Texas Franchise Tax in 2013

Last week, the House passed HB 500, a major revision to the Texas franchise tax. This is the first indication of what changes may be in store for the Texas franchise tax, or margin tax, in 2013.  Below is a fairly complete list of all of the changes that HB 500 includes. Of course, the […]

More Complexity with the Texas Franchise Tax: Does a rent-to-own store qualify for the half-percent rate?

Over the next couple of weeks, I plan on writing about several Texas tax cases currently pending before the Texas appellate courts. Several cases involve the Texas franchise tax. Many more involve the Texas sales tax. Today we’ll discuss a Texas franchise tax case recently argued in Travis County District Court: Rent-a-Center, Inc. v. Combs, […]


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