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Texas Legislative Recap for State and Local Taxes 2015

While the 2015 Texas Legislature gave taxpayers a significant franchise tax (margin tax) rate cut and repealed some smaller taxes (some of which had not been collected in years), it otherwise left much of the Texas tax code otherwise unchanged.  In this Texas legislative recap, we’ll tell you about the changes the Texas Legislature made […]

The 2013 Changes to the Texas Franchise Tax

The 83rd Regular Legislative session is at an end, and the Legislature passed many changes to the Texas franchise tax in the session’s final hours. The bill that included most of these changes was HB 500. I previously covered the House version of this bill, as well as the very different Senate version. The Legislature worked out […]

Band-Aids on a Critical Patient: Changes to the Texas Franchise Tax in 2013

Last week, the House passed HB 500, a major revision to the Texas franchise tax. This is the first indication of what changes may be in store for the Texas franchise tax, or margin tax, in 2013.  Below is a fairly complete list of all of the changes that HB 500 includes. Of course, the […]

Nestle’s Constitutional “Shotgun Blast” to the Texas Franchise Tax Results in a Loss: Any Positives for Texas Taxpayers?

Last Friday, the Texas Supreme Court announced its decision in the Nestle USA, Inc. case. This was Nestle’s second constitutional challenge to the Texas franchise tax.  Not surprisingly, the Court rejected Nestle’s challenge–it upheld the tax. Nestle’s Challenge to the Texas Franchise Tax Nestle’s approach was to take a “shotgun blast” to the tax. I […]

House Ways & Means Appears Willing to Make the Texas Franchise Tax “More Fair” by Making it Even More Complicated

On June 5, the Texas House Ways & Means Committee held a hearing on potential Texas franchise tax changes. The Austin American Statesman has published an article about the hearing, and the TSCPA has also covered it in its blog. A four and a half hour long recording of the hearing is available here. After watching the hearing, it appears that […]

Texas Franchise Tax Hearing on June 5

The Texas House Ways & Means Committee recently announced a hearing on changes to the Texas franchise tax, also known as the margin tax. The hearing is scheduled for June 5. The notice for the meeting is posted here. The Committee wishes to discuss “equity and administrative issues” about the margin tax, including but not limited […]

Texas Franchise Tax Filing Deadline Quickly Approaches

We’re only a little over a week away from the May 15 filing deadline for the 2012 Texas franchise tax reports. With that in mind, I wanted to discuss a few areas you may wish to consider while you prepare those Texas franchise tax reports and extensions.


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