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Band-Aids on a Critical Patient: Changes to the Texas Franchise Tax in 2013

Last week, the House passed HB 500, a major revision to the Texas franchise tax. This is the first indication of what changes may be in store for the Texas franchise tax, or margin tax, in 2013.  Below is a fairly complete list of all of the changes that HB 500 includes. Of course, the […]

Not Much Deference to the Comptroller From the Courts These Days

Over the last few weeks, Texas courts haven’t been giving much deference to the Texas Comptroller—at least, not to her administrative rules. Two courts have determined that certain Comptroller rules are unnecessary at best, and invalid at worse. One of those courts was the Texas Supreme Court. The Roark Case and the Texas Sales Tax […]

Texas Franchise Tax Hearing on June 5

The Texas House Ways & Means Committee recently announced a hearing on changes to the Texas franchise tax, also known as the margin tax. The hearing is scheduled for June 5. The notice for the meeting is posted here. The Committee wishes to discuss “equity and administrative issues” about the margin tax, including but not limited […]


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