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Tax Deadlines Extended after Hurricane Harvey

The Texas Comptroller announced possible Texas tax deadline extensions of some tax deadlines for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  The Comptroller may grant tax deadline extensions to file state tax returns and pay certain taxes, such as the Texas sales and use tax, of up to 90 days.  Such Texas tax deadline extensions are available […]

Recent Texas Tax Appellate Court Opinions

The Texas Third Court of Appeals recently issued several Texas tax opinions, regarding both Texas franchise tax and Texas sales tax.  This blog post summarizes those Texas tax opinions. Texas Sales and Use Tax Cantu Enterprises, LLC v. Hegar, et al.  The Third Court of Appeals held that a taxpayer was not entitled to the […]

Appeals Court: No COGS for Heavy Equipment Delivery/Pick-up Fees

The Texas Third Court of Appeals recently held in Hegar v. Sunstate Equipment Co., LLC, that a company that leased heavy equipment to contractors could not include its delivery and pick-up fees for the equipment in its cost of goods sold deduction for Texas franchise tax COGS deduction purposes.  In doing so, the Third Court […]

Business Buyer Owes Tax Not Assessed Until After Purchase, Appeals Court Says

The Texas Third Court of Appeals held today in Agri-Plex Heating and Cooling, LLC v. Hegar that the purchaser of a business may be liable for Texas sales and use tax assessed against the business for the time before the purchase, even if the Texas Comptroller did not audit the business and assess the tax […]

Movie Theaters Still Qualify for COGS, Appeals Court Says

The Third Court of Appeals issued a new opinion today in American Multi-Cinema, Inc. v. Hegar, over a year and a half after the Texas Comptroller filed a motion for rehearing.  The new opinion leaves in places the Third Court of Appeals’ prior ruling that a movie theater company may include costs of exhibiting films […]

U.S. Supreme Court Denies Three-Factor Apportionment Review

The United States Supreme Court denied review of Gillette Co. v. California Franchise Tax Board, the California Supreme Court case holding that taxpayers may not use the Multistate Tax Compact’s three-factor apportionment method to apportion their income under the California Business Income Tax.  As is customary, the Court didn’t explain its reasons for denying review.  […]

Southwest Royalties: No New Manufacturing Exemption for Oil & Gas, Texas Supreme Court Says

Today, the Texas Supreme Court released its long-awaited opinion in Southwest Royalties, Inc. v. Hegar.  It held that oil and gas above-ground and downhole production equipment doesn’t qualify for the manufacturing exemption from Texas sales and use tax, affirming the ruling of both the Third Court of Appeals and the trial court.  This case has […]

No Resale Exemption for Health Club Equipment, Appeals Court Finds

The Texas Third Court of Appeals issued its opinion today in Fitness International, LLC v. Hegar.  It held that certain equipment, such as cardio machines and weight racks, that a health club purchased for its customers’ use, was not exempt from Texas sales and use tax under the sale for resale exemption.  The court based […]

Appeals Court Finds Bill Pay Service Not Taxable

The Texas Fourteenth Court of Appeals issued its opinion Tuesday in Hegar v. CheckFree Services Corporation.  It held that an online bill pay service was not a taxable data processing service under the Texas sales tax.  The court based its ruling on the fairly extensive role of individuals with specialized, professional knowledge in providing the […]

Texas Supreme Court: Margin Tax Apportionment Rule Invalid

The Texas Supreme Court issued an opinion today in Hallmark Marketing Co., LLC v. Hegar. The opinion invalidated a Texas Comptroller rule regarding apportionment under the Texas franchise tax (also known as the Texas margin tax).  The rule required taxpayers to reduce net gains from sales of capital assets and investments by the amount of […]


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