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Judge Finds Texas School Finance System Unconstitutional

A Travis County District Court judge ruled Thursday that Texas’s school finance system violates the Texas Constitution.  The judgment and associated findings of fact and conclusions of law are available here.  Review of the decision will go directly to the Texas Supreme Court.  The judge wrote that his ruling would not be implemented until July […]

Major Change to Texas Franchise Tax Cost of Goods Sold Rule Finalized

The Texas Comptroller just adopted a major revision to the Texas franchise tax cost of goods sold rule.  The final rule the Texas Comptroller adopted is basically the same as the proposed cost of goods sold rule Michael described in his earlier post.  I’ll describe the ways the Texas Comptroller’s final cost of goods sold […]

Scrapping the Texas Property Tax?

This morning, three public policy experts asked the Ways & Means Committee of the Texas House of Representatives to consider a full repeal of the Texas property tax. The speakers included Peggy Venable from the Texas Chapter of American for Prosperity, Talmadge Heflin from the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and Debra Medina, former GOP Texas gubernatorial candidate […]


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